Thursday, March 06, 2008

run the red light run the red light run it!!

There are 5 types of failed libertine. The 1st type of failed libertine is unable (or unwilling) to achieve his aims, such as to bed the person he fancies, or to conquer a certain number or type of persons based on his constraints n/or mismatch between aspirations, abilities and strategy. We may call this failure as Under-Performer, if not a Non-Performer. The 2nd category gets physically harmed - or even dies - from the process, which hampers the continuance of regular decadence, whether by contracting venereal diseases or getting killed or scarred by acid hurled at hime by his spurned lover or his lover's lover. The problem here is insufficient care of the self. This one we call Reckless. The 3rd, a failure in life anyway, whether a libertine or not. What he badly need is a basic sense of reality. The common term for his is a Delusionist. The 4th kind realizes in process that he is not cut out for decadence, due to certain external or internal conditions. for instance, he may not have the financial means to support a carefree life. Or, he is easily struck by liberal guilt and so is unable to fully enjoy what he thought would delighthim. For him, self-awareness is a lifetime's work. We can call this one a Loser. He's Most Pathetic.

- Michael Lee Hong Hwee. Appearance of Desire, 2nd ed.

Should I love you as I love mself,

Suppose I hate myself,

I would be as free to hate you too.

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